Sathya Narayana Vratham

satyanarayana pooja

Satya Narayan is the Narayan form of Lord Vishnu (the third type). The Lord in this form is considered an embodiment of truth. Satyanarayana is worshipped commonly by Hindus in their homes with family and friends, usually on a full moon (purnima) day of the month. In this puja called Satyanarayana Pooja, people worship by reciting the gracious story of Lord Satyanarayana. This story was originally told by Lord Vishnu himself to the sage Narada for the benefit of humankind.


This puja is conducted to ensure abundance in ones life. Many people carry out this puja immediately after or along with an auspicious occasion like a marriage or moving into a new house or any other success in life. The satyanarayan puja can be performed on any day. It is not a puja confined to any festivities. But Poornima (full moon day) or Sankranti are considered to be most auspicious day for this puja. Performing this puja in the evening is considered more appropriate. On the day of the puja, the devotee has to fast.

The prasad for this vrita is known as Sapaad which is prepared thus: Take an equal measure of rava, Milk, Ghee, Banana, Sugar ( the measure should be 1 1/4 or multiples thereof ) cook it till all mix into a paste.


 Read the story of Satya Narayana Click for More details...


Required Materials

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Turmeric Powder

1/2 Lb


1 Packet

Sandal Wood Paste/Powder

1 Packet

Agar Bathi(Incense Sticks)

1 Packet


1 Packet

Beetle Leaves/Nuts

Approx. 30


4 Bunches


12 Bananas and 5 other Varieties




4 Lbs

Kalasa Vasthram

1 (red or green blouse piece)


1/4 Gallon


1 Cup


1 Small Bottle


1/2 lb


1 Packet

Dates (Karjur)

1 Packet

Coins (Quarters)



Rava Kesari